We love our Siberian Husky Puppies!!


Do Your Homework!!!

Please do you homework before buying a husky. They need lots of room to run, they shed (blow their coat) and are diggers!!!

A Few Items I Suggest You Purchase


Pet Crate

Petsafe Wireless System

Petsafe Wireless System

If you want to crate your puppy at night, then I recommend the Precision Pet Crate. I ordered mine off chewy.com. I like the ones with 2 doors.


Petsafe Wireless System

Petsafe Wireless System

Petsafe Wireless System

We love our Petsafe System!! This gives our dogs the freedom to roam in the yard without the fear of them running off. You can find them new or used on ebay.com


Natural Bully Sticks

Petsafe Wireless System

Natural Bully Sticks

Husky puppies (all puppies for that matter) chew chew chew!!!

Puppy Info

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~1 Year Health Guarantee~


Purchaser has 1 week from the time of sale to have puppy examined by his/her own veterinarian. If puppy becomes ill within this time frame, it must be returned to the Breeder immediately. 

Section 1: The Breeder’s Obligations

1. The Breeder offers no guarantee that this pup does not have disqualifying faults now or that will arise at a later date, which would make this puppy unsuitable for the show ring or for breeding purposes. This pup has been bred a companion animal and is considered to be of “Pet Quality”.

2. The Breeder is not responsible for the temperament of the puppy as it is often a result of environment after the time of purchase.

3. The Breeder guarantees that this puppy is a purebred Siberian Husky, registerable with the American Kennel Club [AKC]. We have made every effort to provide you with a healthy puppy, and we take pride in finding loving homes for each and every pup. 

4. The Breeder also guarantees that your puppy is current on necessary vaccinations and vitamins and declared in good health prior to being released to the Buyer.

5. The Breeder guarantees the puppy for 1 year from the date of birth against any genetic defects that would be life threatening to the dog. This genetic health guarantee is for all internal organs and issues that were not visible on routine physical examinations. 

6. The Breeder guarantees the puppy for 1 year from the date of birth against genetic Hip Dysplasia. We do NOT guarantee your dog’s hips against any form of dysplasia which is attributed to non-genetic causes, such as injuries, obesity, malnutrition, neglect, etc. 

7. The Breeder makes no other guarantees, verbal or implied, unless specifically stated in the written agreement, signed by both parties.

A note on Hip Dysplasia: Hip Dysplasia (CHD) and other joint problems can often be attributed to environmental conditions as well as heredity. Studies have shown that CHD is 50% genetic as well as 50% environmental. Therefore, we cannot guarantee this dogs hips against any form of dysplasia that is attributable to non-genetic causes, nor do we guarantee a dog will obtain any particular Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) rating.

Section 2: The Buyer’s Obligations

In the unlikely event that the puppy is suspected of being dysplastic in its first year, due to genetic cause, and is not functionally able to run or walk without extreme pain (many times, even with diagnosed dysplasia, the puppy can still live a happy, full, and pain-free life.) these steps must be followed for the guarantee to remain in effect:


1. The Buyer agrees that the puppy will live with the Buyer and his/her family. The Buyer also agrees that he/she is not an agent for another person or business on this purchase.

2. The Buyer must keep the puppy on NuVet Vitamins until they 1 year of age. Vitamins will give your puppy what they need as he/she grows into an adult.

3.The Buyer is responsible to ensure that the puppy is kept current on all regular vet checkups and vaccinations and to provide the puppy with a well-balanced diet. Next vaccination due at 10 weeks

4. The Buyer is responsible to register the puppy with AKC .

5. The Buyer must show proof that the puppy was x-rayed by a licensed veterinarian and sent to the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) for an official reading resulting in: Moderate or Severe.

This guarantee is non-transferable, and is valid only to the original purchaser stated in this contract until the puppy reaches 1 year old. 

This guarantee is for a puppy from the next litter if all requirements are met, 

(the buyer may keep the puppy.) 

This guarantee does not cover any illness due to the environment or procedures such as spaying or neutering. 

The breeder is not responsible for any vet costs or bills.

The Breeder and the Buyer must each have a copy of this agreement, signed by both parties.